[HOT] Why use OpenStreetMap and not other maps in disaster situations?

Sazal Sthapit sazalsthapit at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 04:48:38 UTC 2014

Hello all,

Thank you Mark, Nick and Nirab for the great responses.

I am now actually trying to document these responses and other resources as
to why we [should] choose OSM over other map sources in disaster
situations. It would be really helpful if I could get some insights into
what prompted traditional aid responders to choose OSM in the first place
and what specific/unique benefits are they getting because of that move.
Also it would be great if we could mention a few use cases of OSM, which
might not have been possible with other map sources.

Also I would be really thankful if someone could point me to online
resources of similar documentations, if they already exist.

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