[HOT] Super Typhoon Hagupit (International Name Ruby)

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Thanks Mark.
There are presently two possible scenarios. It either hit Philippines or turn right  and only graze the country. At this point, this is the time to look at the various options if Philippines is hardly hit. 

As we know, imagery is an essential element of a fast response and it is hard to obtain good satellite imagery in such Meteo related disasters.  Satellite Imagery taken a few days after Haiyan / for post-disaster assessment were of very poor quality.

Would there be any possibility to obtain images taken from airplanes or should we consider Civil Drones as an option to produce rapidly both pre and post imagery for the towns that should be most hit?.
If civil drones were an option to consider, are the any Philippines teams identified that could produce drone imagery, that are ready to deploy rapidly? Or, should we look at international teams?
Should OSM plan again to do some post-imagery assessement?, what categories to use?  Humanitarian organizations should also understand that assessments made from imagery are to identify the priority zones and not to make individual bulding assesment. Building damage assessments should be done by field teams. There is also the necessary coordination. If many organizations participate, we should avoid duplications, with two organizations covering the same geographic zone. 


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Dear All

This 280kph Super Typhoon is headed to the Phillippines.  Expected to hit at the end of weekend north of Tacloban where Haiyan Hit. It is approximately the same intensity as Haiyan. This one is going to hurt 

Mark Cupitt
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