[HOT] Typhoon Hagupit/Ruby and Field Papers

Alan McConchie alan.mcconchie at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 12:26:16 UTC 2014

I must admit I have no knowledge about where the data for that overlay came from! I don't know if it's GADM or something else. Someone connected with the Red Cross should be able to answer that.

Using the Mapbox v3 API you don't need an access token, so JOSM should be able to add it like any other tiles, like so:


(Although I haven't tried it myself)


> On Dec 5, 2014, at 1:00 PM, Mark Cupitt <markcupitt at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Alan, WOW, that is fantastic. We were discussing this earlier. I have The Philippine Barangay Boundaries as of this afternoon, (From Namria thanks to Celina) we just have to have the licensing people check the usage.
> Was this a GADM derived dataset or differnet
> AND .. Could this layer be made available for use in JOSM as a TMS layer???

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