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Typhoon Ruby has made landfall in Northern Samar and is traveling in a
North west Track

In support of The Philippine Government, Red Cross/Red Crescent, DHN and
other Agencies, we have created our *fourth* task for this Activation.

This Task covers un-mapped or poorly mapped areas on high risk islands to
the west of Samar and Masbate along a corridor on the project path of the

Please focus on the islands to the east where Hires Imagery is available.
Imagery has been requested for islands with no coverage and will be
included in a future task

We will be looking to add or improve the following features

   - roads; schools, hospitals, churches, buildings, residential and
   commercial areas and waterfronts, malls, sports complexes.
   - open areas (not fields, just smooth open ground next to towns) as
   leisure=common as these are potential helicopter landing sites.

This is a larger area, if you need to split the tiles you can do so up to
two times.

*We ask all Hotties to help in the response and to map this task as quickly
as possible. We expect to make additional tasks available as the landfall
track predictions improve.*


Mark Cupitt

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