[HOT] Task #817 - Guinea, Kankan East - A thecnic to Add Huts simply

Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Tue Dec 16 16:47:47 UTC 2014

In JOSM, the building plugin is quite useful to trace rectangular buildings, but does not help to trace huts. Plus huts are small and it is uneasy to copy / paste them repeatitively for all a village.  If we create a hut and copy / paste, it is uneasy to move this object to place it at the right position We cannot zoom too much if we want to clearly see the huts, 

Below, I describe a technic that should simplify doing this.
1. A simple shortcut to paste an object : Edit Menu / Preferences / Keyboard, Modification - Paste Action : Replace ctrl-V by V. It is simpler to press only one key. To copy, one hand will press V, while the mouse position the object.
2. Trace a hut :  add two points. Select these two points, select the menu item Tool - create a circle. Add the tag building=hut
3. Copy the hut in the buffer : Select the hut, and press Ctrl-c to copy this object.

4. Paste the hut simply at the right position. Place the mouse cursor at the center of a hut, right click with the mouse and press V. This will paste a new hut right at this point.
This way of pasting using the both the V shortcut key and the right mouse button is a lot more simple and rapid then trying to first paste, then move at the right position. Pierre
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