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> Pierre
> Thanks for the update, great to hear about the progress and new UI
> features.?
> So I'm clear, you're talking about merging?
> https://github.com/pgiraud/osm-tasking-manager/tree/workflow
> into?https://github.com/hotosm/osm-tasking-manager<https://github.com/pgiraud/osm-tasking-manager/tree/workflowinto?https://github.com/hotosm/osm-tasking-manager>
> ?
> And by v2, are we talking about this version?
> https://github.com/pgiraud/osm-tasking-manager2
> On validation, I agree it needs a rethink. There is definitely a need for
> validation in some form. But I'd hesitate to remove functionality, the
> current validation without replacing it with something else. I suggest we
> keep it for now, and move on discussion of what this should really look
> like.

>From my experience over the last months I would say the validation is
- by task to review what each contributor did. The green step would be good
ONLY IF IT COULD BE INVALIDATED. Currently once validated, it cannot be
revert and the task cannot be selected anymore. This is really a pain as
some mappers validate tasks that are far for being done. I must also
confess I validated one or two tasks by accident myself. Is it not possible
to easily remove this blocking feature and make the validation reverted if
- over the whole mapped area, to harmonize the mapping and set a coherent
road network. For more details, refer to the discussion I had on this list
with Nick Allen a few weeks ago. Create a wikipage on this is still on my
todo list.


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