[HOT] New HOT voting members approved!

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 14:57:34 UTC 2014

Dear HOTies,

Thank you for the nomination and approval.
I am very happy to be part of this community
and for all your help mapping the Philippines.

While I contribute to several remote mapping activations
in several areas (Haiti, Africa, Pakistan, Columbia and
others), my motivation for contributing to OSM is really
selfish and insular. ;)

Living in a country ranked 3rd most vulnerable
to natural disasters and having been a victim myself,
I know (a fact and not an assertion) that OpenStreetMap
is helping my country become more resilient to future disasters.

Let's keep on mapping!

"Freedom is still the most radical idea of all" -N.Branden
wiki: http://esambale.wikispaces.com/
blog: http://epsg4253.wordpress.com/

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