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Harry Wood mail at harrywood.co.uk
Tue Feb 4 15:36:42 UTC 2014

Seems people aren't sure about the idea of removing the validation step, but I think it's good idea. I'm sure Pierre is suggesting this change having looked quite carefully at the way people are using the task manager system.

The idea of validation was to allow pro-mappers to coordinate the process of double-checking over the area of a whole job, without too much duplication of that double-checking effort, but how many whole jobs has this happened on? It's easy to see the validation step has not been adopted much. Either we don't have many pro-mappers with confidence to validate, or they're not that interested in doing validation (perhaps because we have a steady flow of new jobs work on)

And the thing which is always easy to overlook, the feature comes at a cost. It makes the system that little bit more complex to understand.

I like the idea of trying without validation. A compromise might be to have it as some sort of hidden feature, but then that's effort to develop something which few users see.


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Subject: [HOT] Tech WG - tasking manager - workflow branch

Hi all,

It's been a while now that I've started working on a "workflow" branch (more than a year ago). The main purpose of this development was to improve the user experience by simplifying the interface a bit.

This branch is the one used for the instance working at http://tasks2.hotosm.org.

I'm now confident and I think that it's ready. I would now like to merge the work into the master branch and update the main instance. It will also eventually allow us to remove this second instance. I will do my best to retrieve the data as well.

For those who don't know yet, in addition to user interface modification, the main enhancement is deep linking ie. links to tasks in a read only mode. This allow users to share a link to the task they are working on for example.
I also got rid of the "validation" process because it has been the source of problems recently. Let's rethink this feature if we really need it. People still can invalidate tasks though.

If no one is fiercely against i, I'll do the merge later this week.

This will help me give an answer to Mikel and others who were asking me how much work is left to get v1 functionnalities in v2.


  | Pierre GIRAUD
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