[HOT] Bolivian Floods: "landuse=forest" or "natural=wood"?

hyances at gmail.com hyances at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 02:33:58 UTC 2014

Hi hotties!

Some of us are tracing polygons over tree areas, ones are using
"landuse=forest" others "natural=wood" ¿which you consider more indicated?
Mapping trees could be helpful for high level floods.

By the way, trying to give answer to question below, I'm wondering about
the best communication channel to gather all mappers of the task, when they
are comming form diferent countries and talk-xx mailing list, some could be
missing information and sharing knwoledge about best mapping practices is a
key factor for quality data (specially remote one); so experienced mappers
could guide newers.

Just arise the idea to include a chat in task page


But, in present ¿any suggestion?


Humberto Yances

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 nyampire <http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/nyampire>
10 febrero 2014 a las 01:43

Hello, exactory. I think so too.

I wrote them as same as surrounding "landuse=forest"s. But must be
represented as "natural=forest".

Did you contact other mappers already?


On 2014-02-10 01:36:21 UTC Humberto_Yances wrote:

Hi, Same as you I'm currently mapping on task 418 and kidly want to comment
about using "landuse=forest" to map tree areas. It looks more as
"natural=wood", beacause is not a manmade tree farming; just natural free
grow trees.



Humberto Yances
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