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Rob Baker rrbaker at gmail.com
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Hi all,

Forwarding a message from our colleague Tiffany Holland at USAID regarding
a couple of current job openings at the agency's GeoCenter.  Thought it
might be of interest to the general list.


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Subject: [CrisisMappers] USAID Hiring 2 GIS Positions at GeoCenter
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Geospatial Analyst & GIS Developer Positions

The USAID GeoCenter are currently hiring two new team members to join the
exciting expansion of GIS in the international development community. These
positions are based in Washington, DC and support an institutional contract
held by the Freedom Consulting Group with the US Agency for International
Development (USAID).  The candidates selected for these positions will work
within the USAID GeoCenter, which was recently launched in November of
2011.  The GeoCenter provides geospatial products and services to
Washington-based USAID bureaus focused on economic growth, education,
environment, food security, health, governance, conflict, and humanitarian
assistance. It also works with USAID field missions in developing countries
across Africa, Asia, Latin American, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.
The purpose of the GeoCenter is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency
of USAID's programs by applying geographic analysis to development
challenges for strategic planning, program design, monitoring, and

Full job descriptions and instructions for application are located here:

GeoCenter Jobs<https://careers-freedomconsultinggroup.icims.com/jobs/search?ss=1&searchKeyword=&searchCategory=8730&searchPositionType=&searchLocation=12781-12832-Washington&latitude=&longitude=&searchZip=&searchRadius=20>


Tiffany Holland

GeoCenter Program Manager

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