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Forwarding this to hot@ as this may well better reach relevant people.

For anyone who wants/tries to find local mappers : the different overlays
can help you a lot, namely toggling between the two activity center

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Anyone mapping (on the ground) in Ghana and/or involved in community
mapping there?
A member of my family is going there shortly and emailed me:
"I'm looking at the Kakum national park and surrounding area (5-10km). I'm
most interesting in doing some mapping with the communities - participatory
mapping. I doubt much has been done, but if you know of anything or anyone
working in that area it'd be useful to be put in touch."
I have looked at the Ghana page on wiki but it looks inconclusive and
Can also show him http://resultmaps.neis-one.org/oooc but suspect many of
the Ghana entries are armchair mappers.


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