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Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Wed Jan 8 20:10:34 UTC 2014

I renamed this [OSM-dev] Renderer issue: highway=service and service=driveway?
to a more pertinent title.

This discussion refers to the wiki page 


The recent discussion on the Dev list.

For the HOT community to understand about this discussion, some people on the Dev list expressed 
incomprehension about the fact we have a distinct page to classify highways in Africa. Suggestion is made to discuss on the Tag discussion list.

I think that it will be more appropriate to discuss this subject on the HOT list were people have decided to adopt the Highway Tag Africa wiki page. 

From the Mali Activation in 2013, I made a proposition of highway 
classification for Mali. 

After discussions on the HOT list, it was later decided to 
extend to all africa an to rename the page. This schema  is used for various African countries by the HOT community.

User:Dieterdreist has also opened discussion on Talk:Highway_Tag_Africa..  I have invited him to come and discuss on the HOT list.
Below are links to previous discussions on the HOT discussion list about this highway typology.

Rename to Highway Tag Africa

Kenyan or African OSM community?

These wiki pages  recommend to use this classification.

See the link below about a discussion on the Dev-list were people express 
incomprehension about the fact we have a distinct page. We are invited 
to go on the Tag discussion



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Objet : Re: [OSM-dev] Renderer issue: highway=service and service=driveway?

2014/1/8 Pierre Béland <pierzenh at yahoo.fr>

The images in the Highway tag usage wiki page give implicitely instructions to take care of the quality of the road to classify. But it is stated at the beginning of the page, that it is sometimes useful to adapt highway tag usage to the local physical conditions.

yes, we could remove the images altogether or complement them with different ones from different regions in order to put them into context. Lets discuss this in tagging.

Btw.: there was also a voting about the highway system (physical vs. grid hierarchy): https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Highway_key_voting_importance

and this is still reflected in the definition: "The highway tag is the main tag used for identifying any kind of 
road, street or path. The highway type helps indicate the importance of 
the highway within the road network as a whole."


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