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Hi Brendan,

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> Hi Severin
> just wondering whether it's worth now setting up a task for Minkamman (also
> spelt Mingkaman, Mingkamen etc) in Awerial county, where most of the 80,000
> or so IDPs fleeing from Bor are being looked after at the moment, though
> Awerial village/town is also quite important for this. It's pretty small,
> but still would be good to get a better picture of tracks and settlement
> there if possible.
Yes good idea, actually it has also been suggested by CartONG. Just made
the TM job for Minkamman <http://tasks.hotosm.org/job/401>, that is quite a
small town on Bing Imagery, dated 2/2/2013.
I also updated the
where an Export Job for Bentiu has been added.

> Regards
> Brendan
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