[HOT] Multilingual HOT Website

clara clara at aktivix.org
Thu Jan 23 11:50:11 UTC 2014


On 01/23/2014 05:28 AM, Kate Chapman wrote:
> Are there people interested in translating the website? Currently we
> have French and English enabled but we could certainly enable other
> languages.

There are basically two different sets of content that need translating.

1) The interface. That mainly short bits of text or a few words like the
Menu items, footer text etc. Some of it (such as the wording on the
login-page or to request a new password) are already translated and can
be installed like that. For the rest: I can set up an option to do the
translation directly on the pages, so that translators can focus on the
words that actually show up on pages, and see them in context.

2) Content translation. When new content gets posted please set the
language at the top of the edit form. If that's done then a tab option
"Translate" will show up on the published article. Using that tab, means
that a translation of an article is directly connected to it, and a link
to any translation shows up when somebody reads that article, allowing
them to switch to another languages.

We can set up more languages for the content translation even if the
interface isn't translated to them. That can be especially useful if we
need to have an additional local language on short notice.

I can wait a few days to see which languages to add in the first
instance, and then set up the translation tools.


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