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clara clara at aktivix.org
Fri Jan 24 09:10:55 UTC 2014


On 01/23/2014 04:56 PM, Heather Leson wrote:
> 1. we could we set this up on transifex and ask the larger community to
> help translate? To ensure quality, the community (thanks for all the lovely
> offers) to be editors and review it.

There is a Drupal module that provides a box at the bottom of the page
where contributors can straight away add the translation for _interface_
texts. That's also easy to extend for additional languages in future, or
if a new menu item or so comes up later.

Translating 'static' (like 'Get involved') and project pages, as well as
blog posts can also be done on the site directly, in a workflow that
leaves them unpublished until an editor reviews and then publishes them.

There also is version control for content that can be enabled, and that
will also add a note in the admin interface if a translation on the
website might be outdated, because the original text got edited.
The access permissions can be set up so that translators can't
accidentally change the original text.

The same goes for blog posts and updates.

> 2. set it up on github - see opendataday.org. Folks are editing the content
> and submitting pull requests.

All in all, I find it usually easier to keep all content on the site
instead of adding another layer of abstraction.


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