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Hi all,

In short:
* All voting members: *Please make your nominations by the end of*
*this Sunday January 26, 2014 (PST) *
* Non-voting members that would like to become voting members: Please
contact a voting member for a nomination. You can contact e.g. me, Boris,
Kate or any board member to discuss if you can't decide who to contact

As of this morning we had (only) two nominations. I'll send a separate
email to voting members list so those still considering their nominations
can see who's already been nominated.

Please note that board has discussed and decided that only one nomination
per existing voting member is accepted. .. So, if you have more than one
people who you'd like to get nominated please send a message to
membership at hotosm.org to let others know who you'd like to see nominated
(for other's "inspiration").

Cheers from Managua,
jaakko at helleranta.com * Skype: jhelleranta * Mobile: +505-8845-3391 (Nicaragua)
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On Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 11:10 PM, Jaakko Helleranta.com <
jaakko at helleranta.com> wrote:

> Hello All HOTties!
> It's time again for a round of Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team nominations
> and elections! This time we'll have three rounds:
> (i) Nominations (and election) for new voting members,
> (ii) Election of (voting members') Chair (person) – first time ever! – and
> finally
> (iii) Election of the Board.
> Please read details below and then nominate good candidates for new voting
> members and then (after this bit) suggest and vote a good Chair and Board
> for HOT for 2014.
> This request is especially targeted at voting members but also community
> members at large: while voting members by definition will vote in elections
> anyone can and is encouraged to suggest good people for any of these roles.
> All nominations must officially come from voting members, though, so
> community members should send their suggestion(s) to one of the current
> voting members [1].
> *Note that* the current voting members do *not *need to confirm their
> membership as the interpretation of the membership term (bylaws' section
> 3.6) has been revised.
> Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!
> *(i) New Voting Members: Nominations (January 17-26) and approval vote
> (week of January 27)*
> While all HOT community members are equally valued and can be equally
> valuable to the activities of our do-o-cratic community we have voting
> members defined in our bylaws [2] as a sort of trusted group of active
> community members who are committed in guiding the community and the
> registered organization to fruitful future. The roles and responsibilities
> are defined in more detail in the recently drafted HOT Code [3] soon-to-be
> approved by the voting members.
> HOT membership nominations/”selection” works like this, a bit like with
> the Apache Foundation: New voting members are invited by current members.
> The nominations are then published and voted upon by the existing voting
> members (as defined in bylaws' section 3.5). All nominees that are approved
> by 2/3 of existing voting members become new voting members.
> Nominated members before have come from all sorts of places, those who
> have worked with us in the field, remote volunteers that have really made a
> difference in responses and partners that have really helped. [4]
> Current voting members can make their nomination using the following link
> https://surveymonkey.com/s/JVPCLFF . *Please note* that as it has been
> discussed over the last year or so and as the proposed HOT Code requires
> existing voting members should limit their nomination to one nominee. The
> idea is not to restrict the voting membership but to ensure that we expand
> our voting membership in a sound way. We are aiming to have new (planned)
> voting member nominations in the future twice a year. Please also check
> that your nominee would like to become a voting member of HOT. Last but not
> least, if you are not a voting member and would like to be nominated,
> please do contact an existing HOT member to discuss. If you don't know who
> to contact you can always ask one of us undersigned or any one of the Board
> members.
> Nominations must be made by end of the day Sunday January 26, 2014 (PST).
> Nominations will be published on Monday January 27, 2014 and the approval
> vote will be cast that week with election closing on Sunday February 2 end
> of day (PST). New voting members will be announced on Monday February 3.
> *(ii) Election of (Voting Members) Chair (week of February 3)*
> The HOT bylaws section 3.7 note that a Chair (for voting members) shall be
> elected. This is the first time that we are selecting one.
> The role of the Chair (as defined by the bylaws) is to announce voting
> members meetings and chair them but s/he also has a potential disciplinary
> role towards harmfully acting voting members (section 3.6). The term of the
> Chair is one year as is that of the Board.
> Details on the nomination and election of the Chair will follow in a
> separate email but the whole process will happen during the week of
> February 3 so that the Chair can participate in the Annual meeting and its
> arrangements.
> *(iii) Election of the Board: Nominations (Weeks of February 3 and 10),
> Election (Week of February 17)*
> All seven seats on the team's Board of Directors are up for election to a
> one-year term. Having a Board with a diversity of skills will help further
> the organization. Board members are expected to spend a minimum of five
> hours per month on strategic issues related to the team, over and above the
> usual member volunteer commitment. [4]
> Nominations are to be made at:
> http://wiki.osm.org/wiki/Humanitarian_OSM_Team/Board_Elections_2014
> The detailed schedule of the Board nominations (deadline) and election
> (time window) will be announced separately with details of the annual
> meeting.
> Big thanks to those that read through to here. And thanks to all in our
> diverse community for making things happen. Let's make this year even
> better for HOT than last year was!
> With best wishes from the nominations/elections team,
> Boris, Jaakko & Kate
> [1] http://wiki.osm.org/wiki/Humanitarian_OSM_Team/Members
> [2]
> http://hot.openstreetmap.org/sites/default/files/HOT%20Bylaws%202012-01-11.doc
> [3] The final draft of the HOT Code with all the comments various HOTties
> have made to it is available at HOT Code <https://hackpad.com/1X2acHIN2HX>
>  .
> [4] From Schuyler's announcement of last nominations/election.
> --
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> * Voice(mail) / SMS / What's app: +1-202-730-9778 *
> http://about.me/jaakkoh
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