[HOT] Should I correct bad data?

Russell Deffner russdeffner at gmail.com
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Yes, please correct data.  In your case it looks like you've correctly
identified tagging that is not consistent with documentation in the wiki
(http://wiki.openstreetmap.org).  Often people mistakenly mark a task as
done (or even validated).  It is often nice to contact the mapper who made
the 'mistakes' as they could maybe use some help, but any improvement to the
data should be welcome.


Happy Mapping,


russdeffner on OSM


From: Johnny Morbonovsky [mailto:johnny_morbo at yahoo.com] 
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Subject: [HOT] Should I correct bad data?


I'm not an experienced mapper.  I've only been helping since December, so
I'm not sure I should be changing/deleting other people's data.  However, I
was looking around in task 400, checking out the 'done' squares to see how
things should look, and I found a square where someone has tagged all of the
house nodes with building=yes, and in another square someone else has tagged
the house ways as landuse=yes and included a highway in a relationship
called "residential"

I'm pretty sure that's not right.

Is it OK for me to make changes?
Should I contact Severin Menard and let him take care of it?
Should I just mind my own business and not worry about other people's data?

Johnny M

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