[HOT] Feedback "Highway Tag Africa" wikipage

Alexander W. Janssen alexander.janssen at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 05:50:02 UTC 2014

Good Morning,

after some discussion on IRC and feedback about my mapping at #568
(thanks, Tallguy), here some points regarding the "Highway Tag Africa"
[1] wikipage. I did _not_ put this in the Talk-tab of the wikipage
because I suspect that most of the people looking there are looking
for insight and not more questions... ;-)

Highway=unclassified vs. tertiary:
The difference if a highway is "unclassified" or "tertiary" is defined
in terms of "smaller villages and hamlets" and "villages". This might
be a cultural thing and sizes might be different everywhere (here in
.de a village can be of any size if it hasn't be granted "city
rights"). Michael suggested any dwelling smaller then ~20 houses is
considered "small" and hence a "small village or hamlet".
I will now take this approach and tag everything accordingly. I know I
didn't in the last 15 tiles (or so) I worked on.

Roads go around houses, not through them:
Yeah, I was being lazy because I thought "well you do *know* that cars
_have_ to come around *somehow*, but since it isn't clear, don't guess
and just draw a line". OK, I stopped being lazy and am drawing around
now. Educated guessing can't be too wrong I guess...?

Residential roads and major streets:
The Wiki says "Used for roads in the residential areas except the
major streets that interconnect with various roads." - ok, but now the
question arises, what's considered major? Everything starting with
tertiary? Or secondary? I may not split a primary highway, that's for
sure, and unclassified shall be split... I split all roads between
path and (including) tertiary. Secondary is the first level I don't

Up for discussion...

Cheers, Yalla.

1. https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Highway_Tag_Africa

The best thing about procrastinating is you can do it NOW and ANYTIME.

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