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Rafael Avila Coya ravilacoya at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 13:55:57 UTC 2014

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Hi, Séverin:

I wouldn't have any problem to open a hot-hispano mailing list (I
think this would be the most accepted/neutral term for Spanish
speaking people) with the same aims/goals as the hot-francophone. The
only problem is that I mostly don't have any contacts (blame on me
only) in the Spanish speaking community about humanitarian related
issues, and I also wonder if that community is active and big enough
to make it necessary to open a specific list for them. I only wonder.
But surely, the francophone community is way bigger and more active.

I find your move quite a natural one. For long I have seen people
writing in French to this list, and some others writing in French with
the translation in English beneath, that is time consuming and,
probably, inconvenient in the long term. In fact, I even wonder why it
wasn't opened that list before.

This is, in general, a good subject for discussion among the HOT
community. Although not about mailing lists, I remember not long ago,
Kate proposed to use Loomio for decision making, and she pointed out
that one of the things she liked the most was the possibility of
Loomio [1] to automatically translate messages from contributors to
each other languages. Me, and Mikel Maron (if I remember well), showed
some interest on giving a try to that platform, but that was it; no
more people was interested in it, and the thread was dead.


Rafael Ávila Coya.

[1] https://www.loomio.org

On 10/07/14 13:32, Severin Menard wrote:
> Hi,
> There is a openstreetmap.org <http://openstreetmap.org> hot list
> now for French speaking people who do not have enough English to
> participate to the hot (English) list, and they are numerous not
> only in France (I think well-known to be one of the worst English
> speaking countries :) but also in Africa and in the Caribbeans.
> This would allow people from various OSM communities especially in
> developing countries, to raise their voices and interact more (or
> quicker, because basically writing in foreign language takes more
> time) with the HOT/OSM community regarding the humanitarian and
> development topics. So far, when we wanted to interact on these
> topics in French, we had to make emails with a long list of
> talk-country lists, which is not really appropriate as it 
> duplicates the same messages in various talk lists.
> This already exists for the dev lists: dev is in English by
> default, and there is a French and an Italian one. As I guess (I
> did not check) they do, there will be interactions between the
> lists when it seems useful after a brainstorm, around an action, a
> methodology or a new "discovery"; the people that can interact in
> the two languages can bridge the lists. If someone has experience
> on this, please tell.
> I would suggest the Spanish native speakers from the HOT community
> to create also a list as the community of native Spanish speakers
> in the world is twice more numerous than French. It would help
> during crisis like the ones in Bolivia or in Chile last year.
> For the suffix, a quick survey showed that a huge majority
> preferred hot-francophone rather than hot-fr or hot-francais,
> basically because it states clearly it is about the language and
> not the country of origin, and this does count, especially for the
> people from former French colonies.
> For those interested, you can subscribe here: 
> https://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/hot-francophone
> I translated the description from English, just added a bit at the
> end because the English text only talks about crisis response, and
> does not mention development, what should be rectified. The
> translation in English would be: "Apart from crisis response, the
> list helps HOT to prepare resources and improve its response, but
> also to discuss and set an OSM map for development. For this as
> well, stakeholders and population can send messages on the list
> (questions, opinions, requests, discussions...)".
> Sincerely,
> Severin
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