[HOT] Launching the hot mailing list in French

Ariel Nunez ingenieroariel at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 19:46:12 UTC 2014

Versión en inglés cortesía de Google Translate:

Hi all, I write in Spanish for now and soon I send the English version.

a) With respect to the differentiation between HOT HOT as a company or as a
group, it should definitely go on another thread.

b) With respect to the need to discuss things like list building community,
I think it's okay to focus on discussing whether or not a good idea and let
the subjects 'process' for another day.

c) When I had the need to communicate in Spanish during a HOT activity in
Bolivia earlier this year, ended up writing everything in a small group of
Skype. All those valuable conversations were in private then and are no
longer available to anyone outside the group (or Spanish, or English). I
hate creating lists by language for the following reasons:
    1. Allows discussions that were previously private, public.
    Two.'s Local list is not for people who are in hot at openstreetmap.org
and prefer to speak their language, it's for those other people who do not
dare try to say things in English for fear or shame.
    March. Lists in other languages ​​are not to make decisions together,
however, they feed the voices of the few members of the community who are
eloquent in English.

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