[HOT] Requesting a Task for mapping forest tracks in Portugal

Marcos Oliveira marcosoliveira.2405 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 16:30:13 UTC 2014

Hello Severin,

Andrew Buck's been helping me organize this tasking manager and I've follow
Rafael Coya's advice on what should be mapped.

So far the project has been making little progress: only 3 different
contributors have directly worked on it using the Tasking Manager.
Thankfully this area isn't in an emergency situation so the priority to
finish this tasking manager is currently low.

And yes, the fear about the area being too large is correct, I found out
that to properly work a normal parcel measuring ~55,36 km^2 (~21,37 sq mi)
it would take, conservatively, about two hours of work per day for about 2

There are 5 organizations that can directly benefit from the data. They are:

* Portuguese Red Cross <http://www.cruzvermelha.pt/> (CVP)
* National Firefighter School <http://www.enb.pt/> (ENB)
* Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests <http://www.icnf.pt/>
* Portuguese League of Firefighters <http://www.lbp.pt/> (LBP)
* National Authority of Civil Protection
<http://www.proteccaocivil.pt/Pages/default.aspx> (ANPC)

Thanks, I'm interested to read what Russell has to offer.

Um Abraço,
Marcos Oliveira
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