[HOT] Requesting a Task for mapping forest tracks in Portugal

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Hello Marcos and Severin,


It has always been my working theory that a detailed OSM map, especially as Marcos explained – containing the tracks, paths, etc. that are not commonly included in other maps – directly benefits the first responders/firefighters the most.  It has been my personal experience that what was looking like a river crossing to a very steep climb was alleviated only when a local resident stopped to tell us that there was a track through private property that would get us much closer to the fire from the top of the hill; just had to drive a very roundabout way to get up there.  This was also after we spent a good fifteen to twenty minutes staring up the hill watching the fire burn and contemplating our plan of action using the standard paper maps provided by the county; if only at the time had I known about OSM (this was about 7-8 years ago) and the area been well mapped we could have saved quite a lot of time.


Therefor I am very happy to hear about your effort to map ahead of an actual fire Marcos.  I did organize mapping efforts last summer when we had a really active (and destructive) season, you can view the documentation here: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/2013_Colorado_Wildfire_Season;  I reached out to the Incident Command team on the Black Forest fire, but was given a bit of runaround and never was able to discover if they utilized the data or not.  It’s also been a general struggle in the US to get the word out and convince authorities to look at OSM as a source since there is so much ‘authoritative’ data in the public domain; but this is changing.  It was my intent to create some ‘advocacy’ documentation, but alas – life got in the way and that project was dropped from the to-do list.  I hope your initiative is a success and would gladly talk more about fires and OSM if you would like.


Happy Mapping,



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Hi Marcos,

Please keep updating us about your project and its outcomes and ask if you need any technical help. I just read the thread in which you presented your project in talk-pt and seems some contributors are afraid the area is maybe too large. Did you identify who will be the beneficiaries of a detailed OSM map? 
I cced Russell who has a large experience regarding OSM and fires in Colorado. Russ, do you have an advice or a document regarding what to map, for who, for which medium and how to advocate for it to be used?




On Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 11:54 PM, Marcos Oliveira <marcosoliveira.2405 at gmail.com> wrote:

Thank you for all the help, Andrew and Rafael!


Rafael, that's exactly what I'm planning to do. I'll keep in contact with you personally to discuss the various minutiae of the project as not to spam the main mailing list.


2014-07-07 18:29 GMT+01:00 Andrew Buck <andrew.r.buck at gmail.com>:


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I added Marcos as an admin on the tasking manager so he should be able
to just create the jobs himself once he knows the areas.

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Um Abraço,
Marcos Oliveira

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