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I agree that more is needed. Based upon the problems I was finding when 
validating, I've started to produce a guide 
but it is at an early stage, and requires updating now that TM2 is out. 
I feel that there is a gap between 'how to map', and what you actually 
need to do to start to map for HOT. If we can produce a guide that 
covers how to map your first square showing how to avoid the common 
mistakes, maybe we can stop most of them.

http://mapgive.state.gov/ <http://mapgive.state.gov/> have a very good 
guide to mapping with iD

As a temporary thing, I've linked both off of 
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_Tasking_Manager but the main 
wiki on the Tasking manager needs updating now we have TM2.

My initial thought, is that TM2's release gives the perfect time to 
update the wiki. The wiki is really under the wrong heading - it's main 
name is 'OSM_Tasking_Manager, but it deals with a number of things 
including JOSM offsets & validating.

It would be good if there was some discussion & a consensus as to what 
goes where, and how we are going to get it there.


Nick (Tallguy)

On 19/07/14 02:05, Kate Chapman wrote:
> Hi Rafael,
> Sounds like a great idea. The InaSAFE project uses Transifex not just 
> for translating the software but also for translating the 
> documentation. The one issue in mind holding back the switch over is 
> that LearnOSM is in many languages now, so I would see the steps as 
> follows.
> 1. Update the English documentation and get it into Transifex.
> 2. Retranslate documentation from other languages.
> This would be painful certainly the first time, but then in the future 
> if the documentation was updated on the sections that were changed 
> would show up as in need of translation. Is that the method you see?
> Some of the HOT Indonesia team can speak to the issues with 
> translating documentation in Transifex. The biggest issue I think 
> (correct me if I'm wrong team) is if the "master" documentation 
> language has a lot of tweaks. Meaning it works best if there is a 
> "release" of the documentation and then the translations start.
> Best,
> -Kate
> On Fri, Jul 18, 2014 at 5:55 PM, Rafael Avila Coya 
> <ravilacoya at gmail.com <mailto:ravilacoya at gmail.com>> wrote:
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>     Hi all:
>     I wonder if we can gather some people interested in boosting the
>     LearnOSM project. Now that the new Tasking Manager is out, it could be
>     really nice to improve the learning/training materials. In my opinion,
>     there are at least two points that need to improve:
>     1) Translation through git is not a good idea, as it is very
>     complicated for most of the people. Would it be possible to carry the
>     translation through Transifex, like with the Tasking Manager and uMap,
>     for example? Images would be left aside of the translation, but there
>     can be an smart way to deal with that.
>     2) Reorganize the material, and probably create some more.
>     Cheers,
>     Rafael.
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