[HOT] Report from the HOT In Person Board Meeting - Day 1

Heather Leson heather.leson at hotosm.org
Fri Jul 25 22:03:51 UTC 2014

HI everyone,

HOT In Person Board Meeting - Day 1 summary

The HOT Board is convened in Washington DC for a meeting facilitated by
Allen Gunn (Gunner) of Aspiration Tech. The method is highly interactive
and participatory with small group work. Please see the Aspiration Tech
wiki for further details on how this process works for collaboration and
inclusiveness while prioritizing items. [1]


   1. Introductions, Guidelines

   1. Presenting about role of board, why people are on the board and what
   each person deemed the most important thing that the board needs to

   1. Provide visions of future goals for programming, community and
   organization for the next 12 months

   1. Map of everything that needs work, prioritize items

   1. Discussion with HOT's lawyer on governance, bylaws, legal guidelines
   and conflict of interest.

   1. Identify key items to be resolved for the remainder of the 2 days.
   And, of course, roadmap actions for future review and iteration with you
   (community, membership).

We began a brainstorming process around our goals for HOT, splitting ideas
across categories of programming, community and organization. In separate
groups, we identified things that we agreed on (which was the majority!)
and things that we disagree on or need to discuss further.
We fleshed out these goals into many discussion areas, and began the
process of prioritizing these.  The method was to brainstorm on the topics
and sort like items and flesh out other key points. This was done with
sticky notes and a process of colour and taxomony.

The  discussion with the lawyer assisted the Board members to better build
a common language around what our collective and individual
responsibilities are for the Board, organization, membership and
community. We had some specific questions around conflict of interest. As
per our previous notes on conflict of interest, we obtained further context
on these key questions. We do promise to surface these in our actions and
share back next steps for review/input.  From these conversations we build
a list of bylaws to be changed (e.g.  2/3 quorum of membership) and key
processes to be written to make  discussions and decisions more productive.

This is to be continued tomorrow and Sunday. Here is a selection of topics
and questions coming out of this process which are to be discussed tomorrow
(from all of the ninety (90!) issues identified today and from your input):

   - The board and ED should actively work to delegate as much work as

   - We need the membership to be well informed/consulted about HOT
   strategy. The Board will, of course, provide any iterative documents for

   - Hiring more HOT staff

   - How to define unacceptable behavior/ Code of Conduct or Conflict
   resolution handing.

   - We need a clear definition of what makes a HOT project  (as an

Note that the above are not at least yet defined top priorities. Gunner,
our facilitator, will work on tasks for us to deliver concrete items for
your review. Further prioritization work will take place tomorrow. The
inputs from the community have been embedded in our work - thank you for
your input!

More Questions and comments are welcome.  We'll provide another summary

thank you again

Heather on behalf of the Board (who co-wrote this)

[1] http://facilitation.aspirationtech.org/index.php?title=Main_Page
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