[HOT] Report from the HOT In Person Board Meeting - Day 2

Harry Wood mail at harrywood.co.uk
Sat Jul 26 23:20:57 UTC 2014

HOT In Person Board Meeting - Day 2 summary

We spent our second day in productive meetings and break-up groups facilitated by Allen Gunn. 


1 Calendar timeline
2 Defining "HOT" projects
3 Steps to improve the bylaws
4 Growth strategy
5 Conflict resolution
6 Missing Maps
7 Communication tools

We began by laying out a timeline for the coming year, with events classified as organisational (key administrative dates for the organisation), program (mapping projects etc), external (conference dates etc), and individual (board availability / commitments). 


This list is still "in progress". The dates are not finalised, and also it is a list of more solid known-about and agreed items. We'd welcome your feedback and suggestions, however we will be adding to it tomorrow.

We then tackled priority discussion areas highlighted by our brainstorming activity yesterday. This was in smaller break-out groups.

The definition of "HOT" projects was discussed. What is a HOT project and what is not? We discussed ideas around having a set of requirements or guidelines for HOT projects, and the distinction between funded and legally contracted projects versus community run projects.

A plan to improve the HOT bylaws was also discussed and drafted, to resolve difficulties in running official meetings, particularly the current need to achieve a quorum of 2/3 of the membership in order for a voting members meeting to conduct any business, which is preventing progress with various things.

We brainstormed ideas for growing the OpenStreetMap community internationally and fostering new local groups/organisations. This surfaced various ideas around communication, mentorship and tools.

Various types of conflict in our community and strategies to work towards resolution was also discussed, as well as some concrete action items.

Also on the table was the Missing Maps project, which is a new initiative being designed by HOT along with MSF UK and American Red Cross/British Red Cross, to facilitate mapping of the most vulnerable places in the world. We discussed contents of an MOU document being drafted with the Missing Maps partners.

Finally, we listed all of the various communication channels and documentation tools used by the HOT community, and identified questions, issues, and areas which require consolidation.


With this note we would love to hear back from you with input / feedback.

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