[HOT] Road tracing in North Nigeria and eHealth Africa data imports

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Hi Rafael,

This is awesome all of this. You are doing a great job with the highway classification. 

In the Hackpad, the territorial division is presented with States LGA's and Wards levels. Boundary limits could be easily add for each if you have the limits. But I dont understand the proposition to use new values Places tag classification (ie. place=district and municipality).


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Hi all:

As you may remember from a thread about a month ago, there is a NGO,
eHealth Africa ( http://ehealthafrica.org ), that asked for a job to
be created in the Task Manager for tracing the roads of Kano state in
N Nigeria ( http://tasks.hotosm.org/job/474 ), to help vaccination
teams trying to eradicate the polio in 10 states of N Nigeria. As the
job wasn't being done in a proper way, specially road tagging, I sent
them some emails telling they had to both get some training and have a
consistent tagging reference (find here the road proposal I made, and
that was said to be fine by the people interested in mapping Nigeria:
, that we are already using as reference). I volunteered to come to
help with that, and ended up being hired for a month. I am therefore
in Kano, Nigeria, since two weeks ago.

The road tracing is in itself a huge and very interesting job, and
they are planning to follow that job with all northern states of
Nigeria. But as I landed here, I discovered that eHealth Africa has a
huge and awesome set of data, with millions of GPS points, lots of
well traced residential areas (more than 2,400 for Kano state only),
all wards, LGA's and state boundaries for those 10 states plus all
LGA's and state boundaries for the rest of Nigeria, more than 100,000
nodes with place names, location of hamlets, health facilities,
schools, water facilities, mosques, market places, etc.

All that data (except for the boundaries of the states not included in
the 10-North-states-list), has been gathered in the field, using lots
of GPS-enabled devices, by eHealth teams of around 60 people during
the last 2 years, and they gave us full permission to import all that
data to OSM (I have with me the HOT document of authorisation).
I've been assessing all that data to see what could be imported to the
OSM database and how, and wrote a hackpad about it:

If anyone wants to test that data, just let me know and I give you the
link to it.

Any comments, help or ideas are very welcome.


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