[HOT] multilingual hot.osm site

clara clara at aktivix.org
Wed May 7 19:37:40 UTC 2014


* (Most of) the interface of hot.osm.org is now bi-lingual in English
and French.

* If visitors choose a language from the dropdown, articles will be
shown in that language - or in the original if there is no translation.
(See for example the update about CAR)

* Other languages can be added if somebody translates the interface
text. Any errors in the wording can be fixed easily.

* The Mission Statement or pages like "About" should now be translated
as well.

-- For anybody who puts content on the site --

I've changed the way the translation works (from node to field
If you want to add a translation you still click on "translate", but
fields that shouldn't be translated, for example the related project or
the map for a project don't show up.
If you edit the text later you'll see a link to the translations
directly in the edit form so that it's easier to update original and
translation in one go.
You don't need to upload images for the translation, but you can replace
the existing ones if they are different for different languages. You can
also just translate the Alt-texts.

It's also possible to translate the projects.

And if there are any problems, send me a mail, catch me on IRC or file
an issue on the github page.


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