[HOT] HOT Tech WG Meeting X+11

Dražen Odobašić dodobas at geoinfo.geof.hr
Fri May 9 12:25:26 UTC 2014

Tech WG IRC meeting X+11: Summary

  * updated OpenAtrium2 setup and enabled 'reply by email' module/feature
  * reconfigured OSMTMv1 service to auto-kill/restart zombie processes... making
it more durable, as there are some issues when admin users try to create new
jobs using osm relation ids...
  * added South America to the HOT export service
  * worked on creating export service testing instance so designers can work on
the site redesign
  * created HOTOSM Tranifex organization and initially created "hot-export"
translation project - https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/hot-export/
  * implemented data purging policy for export service
  * finally switched export service code to the public GH repo, as it was still
on private git repo of the company which initially developed the service
  * discussed with @AndrewBuck and @mkl about resources needed to create the
export service for the whole world, some remarks:
    * it was never designed for that initially, it was designed to accommodate
fast data updates/export for small areas
    * it will probably work but we will add more overhead to the update/export
pipeline, which currently takes ~20min - export server is 'lagging' at least
20mi nbehind live OSM data

  * worked on proper multilingual version of hot.osm.org - it needs manually
re-adding the translation for 8 updates, and then translating the menu items etc
to which ever languages ppl want

  * asks to create a few documents requested by the board:
    * "mandate" of the group. basically what is the purpose of the group, what
is it responsible for, what does it hope to accomplish
    * how is the group organized? ie meeting frequency, where, who leads the
group, where are logs and updates kept, what other tools used to organize (ie
    * @dodobas proposes to create a hackpad document and start collaborating
  * starts discussion about TMv2
    * getting osmtm v2 to launch
    * coordinating a software management process from here on
    * starting a design and ux discussion

  * first phase is complete, added 2-Clause BSD licence (@HOT choice at the moment)
  * discussed about software version management, should we tag HOT software
using versions, how do we keep track of the software development
    * @dodobas milestones are not useful for dispersed HOT developer community,
they are more useful for paid development, tags could be used for big code
pushes (new features, new design)
    * @dodobas proposed to appoint project managers which would, 'as mandated',
created bi-monthly project status reports like ... 10 issues are opened, 2 have
been closed, high priorities are...
  * proposed to move GH repo from his user to hotosm
  * asked if we could integrate transifex translation service for TMv2
  * nor sure about whether to use google analytics or HOT hosted piwik, maybe we
could run those in parallel

  * I'm a graduate student taking a Social Computing class at CU, a group of
myself and 5 other graduate students have been looking at the TM /HOT org with
the hopes of making some recommendations with the hope of improving the user
  * the nature of a semester project, as part of The EPIC project at CU, which
our professor runs
  * some initial ideas here if you are interested:

  * discussed about improving todo plugin in josm with @ptressel
  * maybe integrate it with TM to show grid of tasking areas which are being
worked on, or which are available

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