[HOT] Floods in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

hbogner hbogner at gmail.com
Wed May 21 22:50:51 UTC 2014

Just figured out why that certain request turns out nothing.
That town didn't exist on the map few days ago, only few main roads, 
railway and town name.

But can anyone suggest a way for them to better geolocate input data.


On 05/22/2014 12:35 AM, hbogner wrote:
> I got this message from people at www.poplave.rs
> Can someone help with answers to these questions.
> <quote>
> I am contacting you concerning maps at www.Poplave.rs.
> We need to find a "simple" way to locate all inputted locations to exact
> geo locations. On many levels people are entering weird combination of
> town, street name and street number. Plus sometimes your system finds a
> street but it can not find it if its connected to the town. We would
> like to create full screen map with all locations in place (at least
> good amount).
> What would be the best way to convert inputted locations into correct
> geo locations on the map.
> One example:
> User submitted into location form: paracin deligradska
> paracin = town
> deligradska = street
> * sometime it is opposite street first then town
> Your system can find each of these separately, but together system is
> finding nothing even on your main map:
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/search?query=paracin%20deligradska#map=5/51.509/-0.088
> Most of the time this is the setup we have because people did not have
> time to search locations.
> Any help is appreciated."
> </quote>
> Regards,
> Hrvoje Bogner

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