[HOT] Floods in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Wed May 28 17:27:03 UTC 2014

ReliefWeb updates about thee floods is presented at http://reliefweb.int/disaster/ff-2014-000059-srb

A MapAction team as been deployed in Syria and produces various impact maps based on OpenStreetMap.
You can see the various reports for Syria at http://www.mapaction.org/deployments/depldetail/227.html

This map of Obrenovac in Syria shows major breach locations. The elevation levels also help to see the affected zones in the city.

Note that various areas along the Drina river and his tributaries in Bosnia, Croatia and Syria are affected by these floods. To contribute for the base map along the Drina river and his tributaries for Bosnia, Croatia and Syria, two Task Manager jobs are available to identify the zones to map.


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