[HOT] Floods in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dražen Odobašić dodobas at geoinfo.geof.hr
Fri May 23 07:26:03 UTC 2014

On 21.05.2014 15:56, hbogner wrote:
> I generate daily pbf extracts for those countries:
> http://data.osm-hr.org/osm/
> Weekly garmin map generation:
> http://data.osm-hr.org/navigacija/garmin/
> I can start daily generation.
> And Dražen Odobašić creates daily Gis extracts for Croatia:
> http://data.osm-hr.org/gis_exports/
> I'll ask if he can include BiH and Serbia.
> I was planing long time to also include OSMAns maps, and will do so shortly.
> Regards,
> Hrvoje

Hi all,

Daily GIS exports for the areas are now available: http://data.osm-hr.org/floods


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