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Mon Nov 3 18:14:35 UTC 2014

I'm all for it. I've had to create my own system to keep myself
organized/oriented within a task, but Noah's grid suggestion is far
better and is something I've been wishing was available since I began
On 11/3/2014 at 8:08 AM, "noah ahles"  wrote:Hi Everyone,
I work at the Spatial Analysis Lab at the University of Vermont. We
digitize as the bulk of our workload here and I had a suggestion that
I think could increase the efficiency of edits. If there was a grid
over each tile that could guide the user through editing, it would
stop them from overlapping areas and increase accuracy of scanning. We
do that here and it significantly improves performance. 
Here is an example from one of our projects. I start at the yellow
circle in the upper left and scan across and down, across and down
etc. then end at the blue circle. There are multiple routes that could
guide you through the tile; some people prefer going down each column
instead of across the rows.

 This does not actually split the tile into multiple tasks, it just
helps the user better organize their scanning route when looking
through the imagery. I think this would be a nice function to be added
to the ID editor that could be toggled on and off (maybe some people
won't like it or a line could obstruct a feature).
Also, I am hosting another Mapathon in Burlington, VT on Sunday,
November 9th 10am-4pm. Here is the event page if anyone is interested:
Noah Ahles
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