[HOT] bother adding source=Whatever to each object?

Ray Kiddy ray at ganymede.org
Mon Nov 3 18:41:02 UTC 2014

Hello -

This is probably a somewhat basic question about editing for HOT tasks.

As I have been editing in various HOT tasks, I have been adding
something like source=Bing (where that is the imagery) onto every
road, every building, every ... everything that I create. Need I bother
with this?

I have seen in (perhaps just some tasks') instructions that I could also
just put this on the changeset comment. So I can just add it to the
changeset once instead of adding it to the object 100 times?

If it could be put on the changeset comment and not on every object,
that would be convenient. It would also explain why, when I look at all
of the objects others have created, I hardly ever see a source value.

So, am I doing too much work by re-entering the source value every
time? What is the level of diligence expected here?

thanx - ray

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