[HOT] unknown structures are buildings?

Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Tue Nov 4 01:27:20 UTC 2014

Hi Warren

Yes these represent construction buildings at the time the image was taken. But sometimes, images can be a few years old and we dont know the actual status of the building.

I was last year in Limonade, Haiti where I saw many of these buildings. A family was living in the first floor. And you would see such structures for an eventual second floor. These structures were sometimes built years before.

They can be tagged building=yes or building=construction. But which one should we prefer? I myself prefer to tag as building=yes.


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Does anyone have an idea if these are walls for building (without roof) .. there are many and in Sierra Leone.  Wanted to identify them ether to digitize them as buildings.  Thanks
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