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Pat Tressel ptressel at myuw.net
Tue Nov 4 01:40:48 UTC 2014

Warren --

I am exploring some ideas for a meetup on our campus here in Los Angeles.
> Considering a meetup on working with OSM on some urgent needs that I can
> find posted at the tasking manager.  Any suggestions?  We have a variety of
> students in the graduate and undergraduate program in information
> technology, many with GIS and some with programming experience.

Once suggestion is to connect with an existing Meetup group, if there is
one -- it gets you a pool of already-interested people.  A search on
Meetup.com did not find an OpenStreetMap Meetup group in LA, but there is a
Maptime.io group:
I was unfamiliar with this organization -- it intends to be a more
inclusive / diverse gateway to the mapping community.  They do use OSM.

Since you have actual GIS folks, and programmers, you might look at things
other than the actual mapping tasks.  I'm on a couple of the GIS
coordination chats for ebola response, and there may be some useful work
around uploading treatment center data (and verifying that it is
license-compatible...), and also querying and extracting data.  There are a
couple of discussions on the HOT list about imagery tags and about
"subtasks" of tasking manager squares.  OTOH, if these folks have never
used OSM, it might be worth a first session just to get set up and start
mapping.  Writing a JOSM plugin or iD feature would likely go better after
having used JOSM or iD.  ;-)

-- Pat
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