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Since 2011 we have used drones to improve the mapping in slum area Haiti to
make a census with the help of the statistical office and IOM (
International Office of Migration ) .

In 2012, after Sandy the OpenStreetMap community is mobilized with a IOM
to provide geographical information on the damage over the grey river.

In the end, the people affected by the cyclone (loss of home and land ) has
been compensated rather than be relocated in a IDP camps in Port Au Prince .

During the procedure , the OSM community has allowed us to get in touch
with the local population ( mapping party ) and IOM to have made a fly with
a drone.

Together we were able to help the mayor in charge of relief and make the
link with office of statistic in Haiti .

In May 2013, with the help of drone adventure we planned to form the Haiti
OpenStreetMap community * techniques drones on Cap103 project, I 'm not
going back to this story that has already been discussed.

In May 2014, CartONG and OSM Haiti have done a campaign with drone
and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oou32o-jR0M

In October 2014, I was able to return very quickly in Haiti with a
hydrologist to see what we could do with the elevation model derived from
Drone and link with areas at risk.

HOT questions :

In July HOT present UAV activity in london during the conference:
Understand the risk.

this week in New York it will be a meeting on UAV  someone is going  from

    To support the UAV project OSM Haiti we need drone spart parts that we
can make ​​with a 3D printer (arms, body,... ) , if you can give us a
contact or idea that we can quickly repair a drone on the ground if

Is it possible to put us in contact with groups " aeromodelists " to see
who and how we could support a UAV project in Haiti .

    Sincerely FredM
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