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Hungry for maps? Join teachers, students, community groups, and map lovers
around the world as we come together to celebrate geography and

Geography Awareness Week is November 16-22, with GIS Day on November 19.
Working with National Geographic Society, we're promoting OSM in Education,
with events held at colleges universities, clubs and groups around the
globe. On Friday, November 21st, National Geographic will be hosting the
flagship OpenStreetMap mapping party, based on this year’s theme, “The
Future of  Food." We're working on food related mapping projects and
mapping guides ... mapping farmers markets, agricultural areas in developed
and developing countries, food pantries. More details on
http://osmgeoweek.org/. And we'll be launching the first version of
http://teachosm.org/ (still in development), guides for bringing OSM into
the classroom. We're working for these events to make a big splash, and
will be developing visualizations and tools to track all the activity.

Would be excellent to have you involved! Organize an event in your part of
the world (at a formal school, or out in the "school of life") and we'll
promote on the site, and support however we can.

If you're interested to take part, then:

1) Send along info about your event http://osmgeoweek.org/events/
2) Join TeachOSM list to hear more details
3) Stay tuned for more details on the mapping projects

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