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Frederic Moine frmoine at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 06:29:01 UTC 2014

Yes we are working on it,

I didn't have the time to share my last mission in Haiti (oct 2014) 
withan OSM contributeur Presler Jean, an international hydrologyst and a 
local group of Hydrologyst and agromomist (very short mission few days) .

We are trying to see the use of UAV in Haiti. As since 2011 we have 
implemented several projects with IOM, Cartong, Drone Adventure and OSM 

What we want is:

- To repair UAV (wing and quacopter) in the field with 3D printer and 
spare parts.

- To be able to fly uav over the most affected area (inundation and 
landslide) and get a strong methodology to use 2d inundation modeling 
and extract the height of the building with the UAV elevation model. 
Ideally to see if we can extract automatically the building without a 
lot of data cleaning to put in OSM (need more test)

Why we are doing that:

- We want to reinforce the capacity of the OSM group who are in front 
line with the local community and local government during a disaster or 
during their daily life.

- Try to interact with NGO or people who talk about Haiti (in seminar, 
workshop, etc…) at the same level to ensure some impact In the field.

For example, NGO/UN are still building Latrine in cite soleil when OSM 
and local community ask them stuff (shovel,etc…) to help them to clean 
the canal http://osm.org/go/YeSWUQfrV-

It will take time as we don’t have a lot of money and the control of our 
communication,  and in Haiti we will need first to support individual 
and share knowledge during a mapping party our other to see a collective 

All the best FredM

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