[HOT] Tile Navigation Suggestion

Hannah Sender hannahlouisesender at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 16:05:47 UTC 2014

I would love to, although I am, like I said, very new to this. So perhaps
use me as a text editor for the manual, or a dummy-student!



On 20 November 2014 15:47, Tom Taylor <tom.taylor.stds at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'd be interested, though my programming is mostly 20 years in the past.
> Looking at your functional specifications, I'd suggest starting off simply
> by creating a new grid image layer that overlays all the others. That alone
> would make life a lot easier. (Actually, I could probably pre-create a .osm
> file with ways on it and load it for the purpose -- not sure whether the
> scaling would be consistent.) Anyway, other features could be added in
> diminishing order of utility.
> Tom Taylor
> On 20/11/2014 8:32 AM, Pat Tressel wrote:
>>         I pitched exactly the same thing a while back, as a JOSM plugin,
>>         and then got sidetracked.  Are you interested in working on it?
>>         Anyone else?  Maybe if we egg each other on, it will get done.
>>         -- Pat
>>     I should try to find the previous discussion, as there were some
>>     useful suggestions there...
>> Sorry about the delay -- turns out the previous discussion was in IRC
>> and Google Docs, not the mailing list.  Here is the GDoc:
>> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ROv3Ds7mCxyxi-
>> kQpli4OY45EzunMuD25LbN6RX4l70/edit?usp=sharing
>> (Let me know if you want to edit it.  Have found out the hard what that
>> putting an edit link somewhere it will get indexed by search engines can
>> lead to disappearance / defacement of documents...)
>> I've got just a few things to get out of the way, and then can start on
>> this.  I'll likely be pestering Andrew with questions since he's written
>> a plugin already.  ;-)  Anyone else interested...?  Noah?
>> -- Pat
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