[HOT] [Tag] landuse=residential in rural and urban areas

Erik Walthinsen omega at omegacs.net
Sun Nov 23 01:11:06 UTC 2014

On 11/22/2014 01:34 PM, Tom Taylor wrote:
> As much as possible, though, I avoid actually making the
> boundaries/roads touch each other, because of bad experiences correcting
> boundaries from imagery -- if the boundaries touch you have to detach
> them before you can correct the ones in error.

I just wanted to comment on this from my perspective both cleaning up 
and reviewing tiles.  I've seen a lot of instances where landuse and 
other polys share nodes with roadways, buildings, and other things.  I 
try to separate the nodes whenever possible.

My working theory is that a node should only be shared if there's some 
fundamental physical relationship between the two objects (landuse 
boundary vs. building for instance).  This is because there are many 
cases where one entity (the roadway) might be edited where the other 
associated object (landuse) should not be.

An inverse example would be a roadway crossing a stream.  They *should* 
share the node because the two ways have an inextricable and 
fundamentally *physical* relationship to each other.  Altering the node 
re: the roadway should absolutely affect the stream's way, and the 
editor's job is to make sure that both alterations stemming from that 
node change are valid.

I don't know if there are any formal guidelines on this, but that's my 
take on it, and maybe this can spark some discussion and formalizing of 
the topic?

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