[HOT] Losing Purple Boundary Marker in iD Editor

thatwoodb at hushmail.com thatwoodb at hushmail.com
Wed Oct 1 22:04:51 UTC 2014

For the past day or so (I've only been mapping for about 3 days
altogether), I've been losing the boundary lines for the squares I've
been working on while using iD editor. This happens only
intermittently, and I can't tell what I've been doing to cause it, if
anything. I get to one side of the square, hit the boundary, adjust my
view up the square a bit, then go back in the opposite direction,
marking the map along the way. Sometimes I notice I've been covering
_a lot_ of ground, more than I think is contained within the square,
and I zoom out to find ... no borders! No borders at any zoom level,
in fact.
I've only been able to restore them by closing the editor and opening
it again, but of course it's difficult to find where I was last
working in the square. Does anyone have any insight into this? --
either how I can prevent it or restore the borders after it happens
without having to re-open the editor.
One other question: Does anyone know how I might be inadvertently
unlocking my task? I've come back to unlock or mark it as done a
couple of times, only to find it's already been unlocked without my
having clicked that button or been timed out.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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