[HOT] West Africa Ebola Outbreak Activation progress

Pierre BĂ©land pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Tue Oct 7 15:16:43 UTC 2014

Was discussing with Andrew Buck this morning to assure that we have the right numbers.

Simply Awesome. Yesterday we passed over the 9 million objects bar to support the humanitarians on the ground and the UNMIL UN mission. 

This means a lot of features added to the OSM Planet filefor Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. For these three countries, there is now 29,000 Place names, 123,000 km of roads, and 774,000 buildings, landuse polygons for settlements, various POI's. The Crowdsrourcing effort through internet of more then 1,650 contributors from 100 countries has made that possible.

Thanks to our supporters and all the OSM contributors for this continous effort since March.25. This effort and professionalism from the OSM community is quite appreciated from the international organizations that work in a very challenging context to fight this deadly epidemy.

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