[HOT] HOTOSM #699: About identification of plantations (HOTOSM #699: About identification of plantations in Africa (as for cassava, manioc)

S Volk svolk2 at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 22 04:43:43 UTC 2014

Hi Pierre,
I agree with the priorities you reminded:
> Note that for the Ebola Activation is quite a huge task and  our> priority so far with the large territories to cover is more about> roads, settlements and place names. It is up to each of you to> decide if  you have the time to map the farmlands and orchards.

The only importance, as I wrote, to describe how to find plantations of small plants (like manioc), is that it makes it easier to find paths to isolated people.
Some buildings are isolated. Wherever can find a building, there should be some path. And probably some work around. But sometimes it's impossible to find any pattern of ways in scrub, woods or forests in satellite images.
So in plantations it's easier to find a path to map. If not a path to map, people just detecting a plantation in the map between large areas of dense vegetation (even scrub), it means they have found a place that can walk through. Mostly for Africa's environment it may be not wasteful.
I thought it also can be useful in the reverse:wherever it is found isolated plantations/orchards, there should be people (walkers) not too far (in the case of dense vegetation that may be hiding buildings).
I wrote intend not to complicate, nor to do secondary things that can be done further.I hope it's only one more way to try to get to every people.
Thank you for remind it,Regards, Sergio 		 	   		  
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