[HOT] Teach OSM in Colombia

Blake Girardot bgirardot at gmail.com
Sat Oct 25 16:54:20 UTC 2014


Leonardo and I got this worked out today.

We created an AWS AMI image that had everything installed as described 
in the TM2 README.md and that seemed to work out pretty well.

We might consider making an "official" HOT TM2 AMI since it doesn't seem 
too difficult to do and it would make it easier for people to deploy. I 
wonder how much use of one there would be if we created one.

I think we can create a VirtualBox VM that can be imported into AWS as 
well so people could use it locally or "in the cloud".

Anyway, this worked out pretty well and it was fun to figure out with 
Leonardo. He has a great group of students and I am really looking 
forward to hearing about their mapping in the future.


On 10/24/2014 10:18 AM, Leonardo Gutierrez wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm Leonardo Gutierrez, we have a group of osm students in the Colegio
> Salesiano de Duitama, a high school.
> Is posible create a hot task for our group in the school?
> I atach the gpx of the image.
> On the other hand
> I trying to create the AWS service of the hot, but I have some small
> issues, I wondering if your team is interested in create a aws image I
> can complete this task.
> Thanks in advance.
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