[HOT] a few editing questions

Ray Kiddy ray at ganymede.org
Mon Oct 27 19:13:31 UTC 2014

Hello -

I have been doing some work just lately. I started out mostly in #665
(shout-out to @schuyler at @MaptimeOAK). I am doing more in #611 (Gaza
Strip) now.

Two things. Is it cool to check buildings in the Gaza task and add the
source tag? I can make arguments both ways. On the one hand, where else
would the imagery have come from? AFAIK, there is no other source on the
project. On the other hand, who knows what someone was looking at.
Adding a source attribution knowing nothing of the source might not be
kosher. But I can see, also, that the building is there in this
imagery, so I am not just closing my eyes and adding data. So, yes or

Also, I found what appeared to be software edits. Buildings were marked
with a bunch of all-caps attributes that had to do with perimeter and
area and a bunch of other things but almost all values were "0" or
"0.0". I took some out and then decided that might not be good. On the
other hand, software edits can be a problem, yes? Should these be
corrected in validation only?

Let me know. Trying to help but not mess up others work.

If there is an easy way to find out the fate of my edits, whether they
were validated or un-done, give a holler. I know I can find a lot of
info on my edits but there may not be a single-page source like this,
or there could be and it might take a while to find. So, open to

thanx - ray

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