[HOT] Additional mailing lists for the HOT Working Groups?

Jaakko Helleranta.com jaakko at helleranta.com
Tue Oct 28 22:55:49 UTC 2014

Hi Blake, Claire, Pierre & all,

Thanks for the question and your thoughts.

This is an issue the Board discussed in our meeting face to face I think in
a couple of different places (communication channels, group interactions,
engagement). But we didn't get to a solution that would be presentable and
I don't know if some related WG has discussed this yet in any way (likely
Comm, maybe Community or possibly Tech?).

You described well what I've been feeling on a couple of occasions too. One
thing I've been thinking, though, is if plain email list is what would be
best suitable for such discussions. Email has been the core of HOT's
communication (with IRC). And I think that what ever solution we'd choose
it should in any case be email capable in some way. Among the top reasons
I'd like to see a not-only-email solution to our online discussions needs
is that even with the current channels I have I'd love to follow some of
those rather in some forum-like environment. Something that would not just
pile up in my mailbox. Something that I could check out at times even if I
didn't follow that regularly. I feel that email lists are not very good for

I've also had an "issue" with the way email is interactive. My issue is
that the _only_ way email is interactive is with a reply; to the sender or
to all. And if it's not to all (to the list) it won't be really accessible
to anyone but the one recipient.
I think that in 2014 that is less than what we (or at least I) expect.
Co-incidentally just yesterday I asked the board for any ideas how we could
solve this problem within HOT. .. The question was related to a comment
that I needed to send to all to let others know that I agreed with the
original email. We've all seen excess +1:ing on email lists. .. In fact,
all +1:ing feels either like borderline or clear spam (I think). But there
is no better way with that technology. There's just no way to express a
simple nod -- +1 (sic!) -- via email so that it wouldn't be obtrusive in
the bigger picture.

So, this is now a question to the collective wisdom of the 800+ people on
this email list.
(.. And putting that number here I feel that this is not really the best
way to discuss this):
How could we solve the new/expanding needs of communication in our growing
Could we tweak OpenAtrium to make it (sufficiently) suitable for this?
Or would some other, perhaps a forum or a forum like system make sense? ..
No, not Facebook, not organizationally on a global level (.. even though
some countries OSM/HOT groups prefer that).
But so, ideas?

Should this be simply sent to the Communications or/and(?) Tech WG for
Create a collaborative doc to ping ideas?

Should we perhaps create another general email list for hot-actives@ where
we wouldn't need to bother all who are interested in HOT in _some_ way with
all possible issues?
.. Such hot-actives@ list has been in my thoughts a number of times over
the years, BTW. Way back when I was studying in Finland practically all
larger student organizations had most commonly three types of lists
[org-name]-info at lists.[university].fi [org-name]-members@ and
[org-name]-actives@ lists.  It worked really well. When a discussion grew
too active for the membership@ list it was naturally transferred to the
actives@ list. Perhaps this could be a good thing in any case. But it
wouldn't solve the interaction issue.

We've also been discussing that we would create a HOT news letter email
list, which could actually be what some people on this current hot at osm list
might rather be interested. The news letter distribution would (hopefully)
also be a lower barrier for entering the HOT communications ecosystem than
hot at osm (which is really the only thing we currently have on this level).

Pierre: What did you mean with group discussion features of "our
hot.openstreetmap service"?

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On Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 4:20 PM, Pierre Béland <pierzenh at yahoo.fr> wrote:

> We can simply use the group discussion feature from our hot.openstreetmap
> service.
> Pierre
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> Hi Blake,
> Indeed, you are not the only one to think this.
> Initially I had thought that using the HOT OpenAtrium platform (used for
> Board discussions) could actually help. It is possible to choose the level
> of privacy/publicity for each section of that platform.
> However, one of the remaining issue with OpenAtrium is that: to post or
> answer a message, authentification would be required and one would not be
> able to subscribe on her own (AFAIK).  Which means that it would be heavier
> and less flexible in terms of user management. That aspect is much easier
> managed by a simple public mailing list.
> Therefore, I support your idea. We could at least start testing it within
> the training working group if a few more people agree on it.
> Creating another osm mailing list is not going to be really difficult if
> we can first agree on its denomination and define its purpose.
> Most appropriate communication tools might differ from one working group
> to another but I think that this one could help at least our WG for some
> time.
> Best,
> Claire
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> On Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 6:53 PM, Blake Girardot <bgirardot at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> Hi,
> I was just wondering if anyone else thought additional, fully open,
> mailing lists for the Working Groups (WG) would be of any benefit.
> I would like to communicate with other members of the WGs I participate in
> in a casual, continuing conversation about subjects we discuss in the
> meetings but I do not see a good way to do that.
> It might also provide a way for people who have an interest in the WG to
> have interaction with or follow the group even if they cannot attend the
> meetings.
> We could use the main HOT list but that seems to be too broad of an
> audience and risks making that list more bothersome than it needs to be. I
> would like to feel free to send emails to my co-group members without
> worrying it is increasing traffic on the main HOT email list.
> Anyone should be able to subscribe to the WG email lists as they are not
> intended to be private, just subject specific.
> If they need moderation for spam, I am glad to moderate them.
> Best wishes,
> Blake
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