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In these village, we see Huts (tag building=hut). This is common in rural areas.
  But for photos taken after heavy rains there can be pools of water like we see sometimes around the houses. When the image is not clear, be careful to make the distinction between the houses and the pools of water.

In Kayes,  we see pools of waters left by rains. Simply ignore. Do not map these.https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=19/14.441553/-11.422826

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Hi people mapping Kayes, please, one question on what is said in #hotosm-task-711 (Kayes/Mali) instructions:"black spots correspond to pools of water"

I'm not sure if I'm beginning to understand well the peculiar pattern of features there, I ask you if can confirm.I haven't seen truly black spots as mentioned, in this area I show. May you have an satellite image of that mentioned black spot to publicize? 
Are these rounded things wells, or polls, (mostly public), or none of them?Its all here: http://www.openstreetmap.org/edit?editor=id&#map=19/14.44470/-11.48133

What I think it is:

1-On the left and above on the screen shown, there is what seems some round huts in dark color: they seem brown, with shadows bigger than ground and fences, to the side above the ground (hut, if they are closed with walls, or a shelter if open, but can't know if open or closed to be specifically tagged). Besides there seems to be fences since are very irregular, not straight, but it could be walls; perhaps more probably walls of bricks, since shows no light failures through its shadows, mud bricks.

2-In the central common/public place, there are two rounded shapes, around 1 and 2m diameter, both with shadows of walls seeming to be above the ground. The one with 1m seems dark in inner side, so deeper than ground, so looks like a public well. The one with 2m seems bright in innner side, so in the level of ground or almost. So looks like a public reservoir, like a pool but with small walls. Some like one spot in extreme right, with bright color in inner side, around 1m diameter, seems to have walls above the ground, seems it also can be a well.
3-Other, like the one brown to right, is around 4-5m wide, same widht of others that seemed to be huts. Seems have no shadow of walls above the ground, only to downside, so seems a pool, or some kind of small reservoir.
I guess now maybe I'm realising a patterns around: I only saw before what seemed to be high and closed water constructions  around 2m wide and almost on the level of roofs. The rest I thought it was fences (for small animals like goats, chicken; perhaps there are).But now I think almost every house seems having an open reservoir squared 1-2m side, with small walls above the ground (shadows not longer than fences) to people can get to
Don't know if is much important to know this. Only to report, if useful.
Not to complicate, are these two basic features of water_well and reservoir (pools) differently? Is there a tag for such kind of small reservoirs?(Reservoir is by now only for big tag:landuse=reservoir. Also seems not a typical pond on ground level.)

>> So it seems there is a basic pattern of at least 3 constructions for each allotment: houses around over 3x6m, closed squared high water tank, and open reservoir on ground level 1-2m wide (few 4m), almost squared or rounded.
And on common areas some public water-well (but one well shown here seems particular), together with reservoir on ground level for eventual water delivery by truck, and reservoir below ground level to colect rain too.
Can this be confirmed? Is this a pattern? Are those the mentioned pools (reservoir), and about high water tank, etc., is there propper tags?
Thanks. Sorry for bad english.For anything, contact me.Regards,Sergio
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