[HOT] Validating & TM2 - a send message button?

latte latte_oz at yahoo.com.au
Mon Sep 1 13:03:11 UTC 2014

I  actually think we're overthinking this issue.  The first few suggestions that were made were on the money - that mappers can have the ability to receive feedback on squares they complete, by ticking an opt-in box when they complete a task.  Validators can then provide valuable feedback to new and longstanding mappers alike.

I have dabbled in IRC in the past, but now that I tend to use a graphic based environment, I find IRC very draining and sometimes hard to follow. The task manager provides such a clean welcoming interface, that it seems a backward step to have to refer to IRC to ask questions.  I have found ways of checking back on tasks I complete through stats, and I have found how to message the author of an object by sourcing their nickname through JOSM, authors. This has allowed me to provide some feedback, but I'm not sure how the 'experienced' community deals with mappers who regularly make the same errors or poorly interpret aerial images.

IMO I would like the opportunity to give and receive feedback on tasks that I complete/validate. Perhaps add a 'Mark as Done - request feedback' button, or a check box for each task.  Validators could then have 'invalidate - provide feedback' and 'validate - provide feedback' buttons, or check boxes that would include comments they have made on the task.

I am really wanting to get feedback on the work that I'm completing, but don't know the best way to request this so I hope we can reach a solution soon.


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