[HOT] Validating & TM2 - a send message button?

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I think you're probably right. There is a danger that nothing will 
happen because so many people have good ideas that no decision is reached.

I will see if I can raise the requests at the Training Working Group & I 
see it has already appeared in the Activation Working Group agenda.

It would be really good to hear from someone technical who could comment 
on how easy it would be to implement in a reasonable timescale any of 
the ideas (I could still approach British Red Cross &/or Medecins Sans 
Frontier who offered technical help if it was wanted - but I don't want 
to tread on toes & at the moment I'm not sure we clearly know what the 
mappers actually want / need). I think in TM2 the HOT mappers have been 
given a very good piece of software & I wouldn't want to see anything 
produced which would affect it's performance.

It appears as if there are two phases (I'm deliberately trying to keep 
this vague to allow adaptation);
a/. Mappers would like to easily see any validation comments on their 
mapping, and,
b/. Some form of help channel / help desk / FAQ - various very good 
ideas for means of providing this have been put forward.



On 01/09/14 14:03, latte wrote:
> I  actually think we're overthinking this issue.  The first few 
> suggestions that were made were on the money - that mappers can have 
> the ability to receive feedback on squares they complete, by ticking 
> an opt-in box when they complete a task.  Validators can then provide 
> valuable feedback to new and longstanding mappers alike.
> I have dabbled in IRC in the past, but now that I tend to use a 
> graphic based environment, I find IRC very draining and sometimes hard 
> to follow. The task manager provides such a clean welcoming interface, 
> that it seems a backward step to have to refer to IRC to ask 
> questions.  I have found ways of checking back on tasks I complete 
> through stats, and I have found how to message the author of an object 
> by sourcing their nickname through JOSM, authors. This has allowed me 
> to provide some feedback, but I'm not sure how the 'experienced' 
> community deals with mappers who regularly make the same errors or 
> poorly interpret aerial images.
> IMO I would like the opportunity to give and receive feedback on tasks 
> that I complete/validate. Perhaps add a 'Mark as Done - request 
> feedback' button, or a check box for each task.  Validators could then 
> have 'invalidate - provide feedback' and 'validate - provide feedback' 
> buttons, or check boxes that would include comments they have made on 
> the task.
> I am really wanting to get feedback on the work that I'm completing, 
> but don't know the best way to request this so I hope we can reach a 
> solution soon.
> Regards
> latteoz
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