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Nick McWilliam (MapAction) nmcwilliam at mapaction.org
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Going back to Nick’s call for comments from novice HOT mappers: I’d certainly vote for the idea feedback from a validators; email would be the most straightforward default channel; and it could be optional on the part of the mapper.

I can also take this chance to thank Nick for all his help at recent Missing Maps events in London.

Best wishes –

Nick McW.


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A help channel or some form social help channel would be good, but in order to ask for help, the mapper needs to realise they are doing something wrong, or don't know how to do something.

The new mappers in this thread are consistently asking for someone to check their work, and provide feedback so they know what to do to improve. The validation process is good for this as well as quality control - but it would be nice if we made it easier for the new mapper to receive the comments, and if needed for the validator to pass them.

I don't know if it is easily achievable, but perhaps a system where the validators comments are more easily available to the mapper, unless they opt to not receive them. I know that MSF & BRC were keen to offer help, and I know that the few mappers that have replied to this thread are asking for this feedback. 

It would be good if more mappers replied, especially if they are new, so we have an idea as to whether it is worth investigating further.


Nick (Tallguy)



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